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Calendar Year 2021 Planner

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2021 Calendar Year Planner for Military Spouses - Spouse SERVE Planner


Made for military spouses by military spouses.

We are Julia and Brittany - two planner obsessed friends who wanted to make the planner world a better place.  We decided in late 2018 that we wanted to work on a planner targeted to women and men associated with the military.  We wanted it to have resources to make sense of the terminology, help with moving, and a general simple layout that benefits families in all seasons - newlyweds, families with young children, working moms, stay at home dads, and any other combination you can think of.  We wanted to build a community that serves those members, hopefully making the view a little more pleasant on this wild ride that is the military.


currently stationed: 
 Julia - Fort Campbell, Kentucky


Brittany - San Antonio, Texas

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