Guest Blogger: I Dare You - 5 Dares for the Business Owner in 2022 with Britt Lanza

Happy 2022 friends! You are in for a treat today. Britt Lanza from New Altitudes graciously volunteered to write a guest blog for our readers. She is a business coach and an incredible wealth of knowledge. She has five dares for YOU, the MILSO entrepreneur, to tackle this year. Grab a snack and drink, this is a great read!

In a day and age where small business owners are being pressured to become social media influencers, we feel a huge sense of pressure to do ALL THE THINGS. It wouldn’t shock me at all if this title made you shiver in anxiety or roll your eyes and mutter a “what now?!” before reluctantly clicking on the link.

While it’s so important to track metrics, get noticed, and get the sale (duh; that’s why you’re in business, is it not?) it’s just as important to stand OUT. A concept so many seem to have forgotten in a world of 10 second lip sync videos and follower counts. As someone who started out in the “Instagram coach” realm, there’s a reason I pulled back HARD on the reigns of that idea as the pressure to just be like everyone else started being an even bigger “trend” in the online spaces.

None of this sits well with me. Quite frankly, it discourages unique shops from standing out, and can swallow brilliant ideas in the muddied down dance moves that swamp our feeds. So, I have an adverse paradigm I want to invite you all into. I want to dare you to do these 5 things this year, to not only project your business forward, but also ease your heart on these pressures and give you the permission you don’t need to do it your way.

Dare #1: Collaborate with others

One big projected trend for 2022 marketing, which we’ve seen a little bit of in 2021, is collaboration. Collaboration is an easy way to market to others’ communities without doing a lot of work to gain their trust. You don’t have to start at square one, resulting in higher conversions and more community members coming to the shared spaces. It’s an easy win-win for both you and whoever you’re collaborating with.

Take this blog post for example. You came here from one of two communities; either you came here from the Spouse Serve community, or you came here from New Altitudes. Either way, you trust this article because you trust the community you came from, right? (You should; both communities are awesome!)

The beautiful thing is that no matter which community you originally came from, you now trust both and will likely follow or read further from us both. That’s the power of collaboration. A collide and mixture of communities.

With that, I am going to dare you to do a collaboration each month of 2022.

This could be:

  • A blog collab (either share your space or pitch yourself to be a guest writer)

  • A podcast interview (either share your space or pitch yourself to be a guest)

  • Swap Instagram stories, craft a reel together, or swap posts on your feed with someone who shares either 1. The same niche, but different topics or 2. Different niche but same topic areas and offer a unique perspective.

  • Work on a product or service with someone (if monetized, please have a contract and work out payment before you put ANY work into this).

  • Something else (I double dog dare you to get creative and be BOLD).

Dare #2: Don’t be scared to niche down

Another huge projection is the idea that “one stop shops” just aren’t going to cut it anymore. I believe this projection is accurate. There will be less and less a desire for someone who does it “all” and a stronger emphasis on helping the client with your particular Zone of Genius. What does that mean for you?

You need to understand your ideal client now more than ever. You can’t service just any “mom”. You won’t resonate strongly with just any “woman”. So remove these vague words from your bio. It’s time to really discover who you want to serve and serve them strongly.

A few good reasons to tighten your niche:

  • Instagram is switching to a chronological feed, so you need to know when your IDEAL follower is online (not just who’s following you now, unless your DMs are blowing up with sales calls and $$ is falling out from your home screen).

  • Instagram is also utilizing key words and moving away from hashtags; which means the same old #momsofig won’t work to find your clients for you. Key words like “Postpartum friendly” will though. Understanding who you are talking to will help you with this.

  • Understanding who you are selling to will help you figure out what products to make/sell. If you understand where they are in life or their objections, you’re more likely to have a response ready or even discuss objections in your content.

  • Lastly, remember that follower count on ANY platform doesn’t mean sales. I had a client who sold over $250,000 in 2021, her first year of business, and she has under 400 followers. I also work with clients who struggle to sell $200 a month and have more followers than I do. They don’t convert the same, especially if your ideal client/customer isn’t following you.

Dare #3: I dare you to stop the comparison and see the gap

Does this sound familiar?