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Milso Owned Business: A Military Wife's Life

This month we are sharing a business I've been following for a little while now and I'm so excited. Air Force wife, Sarah, is the owner of A Military Wife's Life. Sarah has such a heart for the military spouse community and I love that!

Sarah met her hero husband while they were both in college. The pair actually had their first interaction at church where they became good friends for a while before moving their relationship to the next level. After their first date, Sarah asked him out for the next date because in her words "I was so smitten!" HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?!?!?! Also, way to go girl! Go after what you want (or who you want)! He was in Air Force ROTC program at the time and then commissioned when they had been married for a year and a half.

Even though Sarah had minimal experience or knowledge of the military prior to meeting her husband, she has more than made up for lost time! After their first PCS, Sarah felt like most of us do on the first one - OVERWHELMED! Unfortunately, Sarah and her husband received no help or guidance and very little information to help them on their inaugural military move. Due to the lack of help, Sarah ventured out on her own to research the ins and outs of moving. At that point it hit her that they were probably not the only people in this situation. From there she began with the mission of providing education to those who wanted to learn a little more about the military, even if just for their own peace of mind. As Sarah says, "I honestly had no idea how much my business would grow, or how many lives it would touch."

A Military Wife's Life helps the new milso navigate military life through blog posts, individual support, Instagram content, and an Instagram community! The heart behind A Military Wife's Life is so inspiring because Sarah purely wants to give back and be a resource for the military spouse community! All of her services are free because, as she says, " I want to give other military connected loved ones easy-to-understand (and easy to access!) resources that help, uplift, and educate!"

In addition to all Sarah does educating military spouses all over the world, she also has a thriving shop you can find on both Etsy and Spouse-ly! In her shop you'll find modern prints of military bases and other military focused art.

You can follow along with Sarah and A Military Wife's Life on Facebook and Instagram, as well as shopping with her on Etsy & Spouse-ly. Don't forget to catch her on her blog!

If you are a military spouse and you own a business that you'd like for us to feature - you can apply by clicking here! We are always looking for fantastic military spouse owned businesses to share so we can support, uplift, and encourage military spouses on their journey!

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