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Milso Owned Business: Fronts Box

It has been a minute since we have had a military spouse owned business on the blog! But I am so excited to be back sharing these fantastic businesses and starting with Army wife, Jenny from Fronts Box! This business is one I have been dying to share since learning about them this past spring! I'm so glad to finally have them on the blog today!

**Don't miss the discount code at the bottom**

Jenny and her husband Orrie were married three years already when he decided to enlist into the Army National Guard. Not having grown up in military families, the journey they were about to embark on would be brand new experiences for them. Now with seven years of service Jenny says "it's been an amazing adventure so far and we've both been able to experience things and meet special people we never would have dreamed of." After some time in the Army National Guard, Orrie switched over to Active Guard Reserve (AGR) so he is now serving in the Army for his day job in addition to his one weekend a month schedule.

Through the years, Jenny and Orrie's family has grown to include their two young boys. They, like many military kids, know Daddy is gone a lot but he is a hero who is doing a very important job. When their children grown older, they will learn Mommy is a hero too for keeping our family going and supporting Daddy while he's away. Fronts Box came out of a genuine need for these love birds. During a deployment, Orrie opened a well intentioned care package full of "useless garbage" that didn't suit his needs while he was away from home. His wheels began to spin and he thought "there must be something geared towards the military community."

Back on the home front, Jenny was enduring the struggle we are all used to - loneliness and exhaustion. Solo parenting a 1 year old for months on end is no joke! As their deployment dragged on, they searched for something to aid them with their connection. Conversations were getting stale from the relaying of monotonous life events each week and they were yearning for better quality connection.

Fronts Box was born! Originally a subscription box, Fronts sends a box to the Home Front and a box to the Front Lines simultaneously packed with self care goodies (Orrie's idea) and a relationship tool (Jenny's idea). Over time, they have added a few other products from scratch for couples, families, and friends to better connect before their military separations as well as single order options for their Standard Issue and Lite boxes. With all their products sourced from small businesses in America, it's clear these two are passionate about providing for the military community and supporting the local economy!

When I asked Jenny about what makes Fronts Box special she said,

"Our business is unique in that each Standard or Lite box sends out two boxes at the same time. Since our heart and passion are for connecting couples, family, and friends during separations, one box is sent to the Home Front and we ship one down range.We offer two variations on contents of the box (Rugged or Relaxing) and have two sizes (Standard Issue and Lite). Both boxes come with the same relationship booster to be used together to encourage a healthy relationship despite distance."

Since the beginning of Fronts Box, Jenny and Orrie have built relationships with fantastic vendors around the nation! In addition to their subscription boxes, this dynamic duo created two new products that they describe as "designed to connect hearts before various military separations- one for before a recruit goes to Basic Training (Boot Camp Kit) and one before any military separation (Pre-Mission Kit)." How helpful are these?!?!? Each kit comes with conversation starters, topics to discuss and think about before a separation, and offers some encouragement from Jenny & Orrie, who know what you're going through since they're enduring the grind of military life too! As Jenny says "I think it's very powerful to know although sometimes going through the motions sucks, it's so very honorable and you're not alone."

You can find Fronts Box at their website, Facebook, or Instagram. Drop by and say "hi".

AND because they are just so fantastic, they gave Spouse SERVE readers a promo code!!! I do NOT make any money off this and just want to pass along a great deal and support amazing military businesses!


will save you 10% site wide (excluding subscriptions)

If you are a military spouse and you own a business that you'd like for us to feature - you can apply by clicking here! We are always looking for fantastic military spouse owned businesses to share so we can support, uplift, and encourage military spouses on their journey!

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