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Milso Owned Business: Kathryn Blair Jewelry

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We are back with another military spouse owned business this time with Army wife and jewelry maker, Kathryn Blair!

Kathryn Blair's love story is so sweet it almost seems like a fairytale. The two love birds met in 2017 when she spotted him from across a crowded room. And the rest, as they say, is history! While both are originally from Kansas, the pair has lived in Savannah, Georgia and Fort Polk, Louisiana on this journey so far and plan to move to Arkansas before the end of the year for their next adventure! As lovers of the outdoors, it is no surprise that this sweet couple both prefer the quieter scene of living outside the city rather than in the hustle and bustle of city life. They have flourished in their two and a half years in Louisiana.

Before Kathryn Blair met the man of her dreams, she was on a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas when she encountered a pivotal moment in her life - even if she didn't know it at the time! On that trip, she was able to explore all that the area had to offer: crafts, color, live music, positive energy all nestled in the magic of the woods. While doing a little shopping she stepped into a local crystal shop. The beauty captivated her and she purchased a few small crystals on the spot.

While checking out at the crystal shop Kathryn Blair was told she could take them down the road a little ways to have her crystals "wrapped." While she wasn't entirely sure what that meant, her curiosity was piqued. She went to the bead shop and handed her crystals to the owner and asked for them to be wrapped.

Twenty minutes later Kathryn Blair stepped back into the shop to see the stunning creation sitting before her. The woman had wrapped her crystals together in wire creating a gorgeous necklace. Kathryn could not believe how beautiful it was or how quickly she had made it! She was immediately inspired and upon returning from her trip, Kathryn started experimenting with creating her own designs.

It has been several years since that trip and Kathryn is still making jewelry! Not only that but she has been able to turn it into a full time job! Kathryn says, "I love making jewelry, and I have finally found MY place in the jewelry world. I fell in love with the art of clay and never looked back. That experience in Eureka Springs opened so many doors for me and unleashed a creative side of me that I didn’t know existed."

You can follow along with all Kathryn's designs and shop on her instagram @KathrynBlairJewelry or on her website!

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