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Milso Owned Business: Mommy's Bargain Buys

Hi friends!

It’s been so wild around here these past few months. Julia and I have been swamped with life, we have both been a little MIA. I’m on spring break from grad school and am attempting to catch up on blogging while I prep my house for little miss’s arrival in less than two months! Then I might be MIA again.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa from Mommy’s Bargain Buys. What’s super cool about Lisa is that she is a Coastie wife – how awesome is that? I’ve met a lot of Army/Air Force/Navy/Marine wives, but not many Coastie wives (maybe it’s because I’m always stationed inland, particularly the Midwest).

Lisa is from the Baltimore & D.C. area. One weekend, she was supposed to go on a trip to NYC, but plans changed and she ended up going out in the DC area where her friends met a group of guys and decided to bar hop together. One of those guys talked about Key West, which is Lisa’s favorite place to vacation! He had her attention at that point! They eventually went on their first real date a few weeks later, and a few months later he moved to Connecticut. After a year of long distance relationship life, they got engaged… in Key West! And a year later they got married in Key West – how cute is that?! Lisa said that she was able to bring their son to Key West recently - what a sweet tradition.

Lisa was not a stranger to the military – while she dated her Coastie, she worked as a civilian for the Department of the Navy. She’s been a Coastie wife now for over four years. She’s great at rolling with the punches the military brings, as their son was born two months before they had to relocate, and her husband deployed shortly afterward! Since her son joined the crew, Lisa became a stay at home mom for two years and absolutely loved the time she had with him. On the side, she did have a small crafting business and was a fitness instructor. After moving in the middle of the COVID pandemic, she wanted to find something where she could work from home and avoid sending her son to daycare.

After a ton of research, she decided to give affiliate marketing a shot. She created the business Mommy’s Bargain Buys where she shares amazing deals through a Facebook group for members to save on items they’re interested in! She shares a ton of bargains from big businesses like Amazon, Old Navy and Children’s Place! She does all the research on the deals, and you benefit from her research at no cost to you. Just this week, she shared deals on a Shark vacuum, children’s toys, baby items, and Ugg sandals – what a great spread for everyone!

If you’re interested in her business, you can join Lisa’s VIP group,, where she also hosts giveaways and small business Saturdays. Lisa says, “This is a great group for women, whether you are a mama, grandparents, currently pregnant, or even if you have no desire to have children…. There is something for everyone! We post lots of links each day for clothing, baby items, toys, housewares, pre- and post-natal items, games, and lots more!” You can also pm her through Facebook if you have more questions or are interested in co-hosting a giveaway.

As always, if you’re interested in being featured, fill out our contact form. We’d love to chat with you!


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