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Milso Owned Small Business: Alicia Wagner Fitness

Hi friends! We are starting this week off with another milso owned business: Alicia Wagner Fitness! If you missed our post these last few weeks, you can read about the other Milso Owned Small Businesses here. All throughout the month of September we are highlighting some really fantastic military spouse owned small businesses on our blog and social media pages! Check back later in the month to see who else will be on our blog. Also, if you'd like to be featured, email us at so we can chat!

Today's featured small business is Alicia Wagner Fitness, which is run by one of the strongest, fittest women I know. Alicia’s story about her fitness journey (and intertwined with her Army love story) is truly remarkable! Her story begins in high school! As a high school sophomore, she was introduced to strength training and I absolutely fell in love with how it made her feel, in her words, “powerful, confident, and like I could take on the world.” Inspired by her love for fitness, she wanted to spread the love to other women and became a certified personal trainer during her time at the University of Missouri, working with clients one-on-one in between classes.

When she graduated, she took a job at a start-up digital marketing firm but wasn't ready to step away from personal training and continued to do so in her free time.  It was a busy time as on top of all this, she was making regular trips to visit her boyfriend (now husband!) who was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood at the time. Once Alicia took the plunge and uprooted her life to live with Chris, she created her own company, Alicia Wagner Fitness and began to follow her true passion. Alicia says “It had been an idea of mine for years to follow this passion for health and fitness and to take it online, but it wasn't until then that I started working with my first online client.”

As many military spouses know, not all careers travel with you from duty station to duty station, and in 2016, Alicia and Chris relocated from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to MCAS Iwakuni in Japan. It was this move to Japan that pushed her to take Alicia Wagner Fitness full-time and to create her own dream career that she could take with her to any duty station.

“When I made that move around the world, I poured all of my time, energy, and passion into building Alicia Wagner Fitness, which has grown into a fitness, nutrition, and health coaching company that helps women around the world get fit and lose weight for good so they can live a life they love in a body they feel confident in.”

I personally (Brittany) have worked with Alicia on-and-off for the better part of four years. I’ve been a one-on-one client of hers and can attest that her programs really work.  Specifically, in May 2019, I signed up again with her to accomplish my white whale goal: graduate Air Assault School.  It was tough in many aspects: getting through the obstacle course (which at the beginning, I could only pass half of the obstacles), trudging through two ruck marches of 6 & 12 miles (I had not rucked in over 5 years and it certainly wasn’t my strong suit), and pass a timed four mile run.  I began this program about a year postpartum with baby #2. Many, many times I felt like I would never pass, but Alicia is the most encouraging coach I could have asked for. After a couple of failures, on December 2, 2019, I finally achieved my goal of being an Air Assault graduate.

Alicia offers one-on-one fitness training, nutritional coaching, and nutrition audits. She also has a free fit-for-life group that includes fun challenges, weekly encouragement, and sometimes a round of bingo! Best of all, all of these services are offered VIRTUALLY!

Today, Alicia is enjoying her dream career of making a positive impact on other women's health, fitness, and life through the Alicia Wagner Fitness online nutrition and fitness coaching programs at her current duty station, Tower Barracks in Grafenwoehr, Germany. She lives there with her husband, Chris, and puppy, Rook - who even has his own instagram! You can learn more about Alicia and Alicia Wagner Fitness by visiting her website, Facebook Page, or Instagram Page.


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