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Milso Owned Small Business: Copy with Chrissie

We are back with another fabulous military spouse owned small business and getting to know Chrissie from Copy with Chrissie! Each month we feature military spouses and the small businesses they own. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and we want to be a part of raising the tide to help military spouses achieve their dreams, big and small! If you are a military spouse and own a business, we would lobe to feature you. Click here to learn how you can be featured!

Like many military spouses, Chrissie did not plan for the military life. She was not raised around the military and did not know much about the life that would one day become hers. Chrissie and her husband met six years before she became a military wife while they were both enjoying civilian life in Tallahassee, Florida. Her husband, Michael, had just finished 6 years in the Navy when they met. Two years into their relationship, Michael sat her down and explained that he missed the military and felt that was where he belonged. After that conversation he joined the Air Force ROTC program at Florida State University where they were both in college.

The two were married in a small ceremony in 2011 (happy 10 year anniversary Chrissie and Michael!) just before he their first PCS to New Mexico so they could go as a couple. In typical military fashion, they had their "real wedding" a year later. During their 3 year stint in New Mexico, the pair welcomed their first bundle of joy to their family. Their next adventure with the Air Force took them to Guam where they added two more children to their family in their three years there. Since leaving Guam they have lived in Virginia, Florida, and are now back full circle living in New Mexico! What started from a chance meeting in a restaurant in Florida when they were living the civilian life has blossomed into Chrissie thriving as a seasoned military spouse with 10 years and 5 moves under her belt, all while having their 3 children!

As their family grew, Chrissie began thinking about finding something for herself outside of her role as a supportive military spouse and a fabulous mother. She explains "I'd been a TV News Producer for years out of college but knew that career didn't suit my new season of life. I wanted to work from home so I could still be very present for my family." In 2018 Chrissie joined the ranks of military spouses everywhere working from home and became a copywriter for online businesses.

Chrissie shared that she had always enjoyed writing but had to learn how to turn that love into sales for her business. As a smart business woman, she enrolled in multiple online courses to learn sales psychology and the art of copywriting in addition to hiring a business coach who could help her launch and scale her business. It's been three years and she is the owner of a successful copywriting business where she can serve online entrepreneurs, specifically coaches and course creators, as they grow their businesses and channel the power of words. "I feel so blessed to be able to write for a living and stay home with my children. It's a dream come true."

Copy with Chrissie specializes in helping online coaches and course creators connect with their ideal clients by conveying their powerful message through words. Chrissie helps businesses write emails, sales pages, and other forms of copy that will not only showcase the coach's services, but also how they are the ideal fit to help their clients through the transformations in their life. Chrissie shared "I've helped a fitness coach, (and fellow military spouse!), triple her enrollment in her signature program. I've also helped a personal stylist double enrollment in her signature program, just to name a few." Chrissie's passion for helping other women grow their business and commitment to quality work is what sets her apart and makes working with her the gold standard.

And as if this woman wasn't already crushing the game as a military spouse, mom of 3, and successful business owner, she is launching her first book, What If I Name Her Grace?, THIS JUNE on Amazon and in stores. In her book, Chrissie talks about "finding God's grace in the early years of marriage and motherhood when we're trying so hard to exemplify Jesus for our families, but constantly feel like we are missing the mark." Her hope is that the book with help inspire wives and mothers to look to Jesus when they are overwhelmed - which can be all too often - and remind them that His grace sustains them. I know what I'll be reading this summer because I frequently need that reminder.

You can find her on Instagram where she offers fun tips and tricks you can add to your own copy as well as a peek into her personal life. You also don't want to miss her live trainings on her Facebook page or go straight to the source by checking out her website.


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