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Milso Owned Small Business: Graceful Leo Designs

Hey friends, we are back with another fantastic milso owned small business feature, Graceful Leo Designs with Army wife Josey. If you're new around here, we feature a couple military spouse owned businesses every month as a way to support others on this journey. We love to be able to encourage military spouses in achieving their business dreams and we are just so glad to be even a small part of the journey they are on. If you are a military spouse who owns their own small business, we would love to feature you! Learn how to be featured here.

Josey met her husband, Derek, in 2015 during college at the University of Central Missouri. She was studying graphic technologies (print & design) while he earned his degree in psychology and served in the ROTC program. At the time, Josey was performing in a country band and looking for a guitarist to join them. As fate would have it, Derek plays guitar. They connected through the search for a guitar player but funny enough, never ended up playing gigs together. Instead they started dating. Can you say "awwwww"?

Once Derek finished his undergraduate degree, he commissioned in the US Army but was able to get an educational delay so he could attend law school at the University of Kansas. These two lovebirds dated long distance for Derek's 3 years of law school before getting married in 2019. In 2020 Derek left for training and by their first anniversary Josey and Derek were enjoying their first duty station at Fort Campbell, KY.

When Josey and Derek relocated to Fort Campbell, Josey had to leave her job as a production manager, which was her primary income. After applying to several positions and being passed over despite being told "you were a top candidate", Josey decided to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to use her degree and also be able to use her hands to physically create things. Thats when she started Graceful Leo Designs. Her business offers design services of any kind - logos, flyers, invitations, business card designs, etc. in addition to creating wooden earrings, keychains, and wall decor! Josey says "being creative is how I express myself, so being able to do something I love while sharing pieces that make other people happy is basically a dream come true." One of the great things about Josey's business (and a lot of military spouse businesses) is that she can take it with her anywhere she has internet connection and access to mailing orders!

If you'd like to check out Josey's work, learn more, and support her business, you can find her on her facebook page, instagram, and website. All orders go through her website, including design services, but be sure to email her to get the design process started. Want even better news? Graceful Leo Designs offers FREE shipping within the US! Go give her a follow and show Josey some love!


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