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Milso Owned Small Business: Hurley Handmade Crafts

Hi friends! Last month we had so much fun featuring military spouse owned businesses that we decided to keep it going with them and showcase them twice a month from here on out!

October's first business is about Jeanell and Hurley Handmade Crafts! Jeanell's military spouse love story began when she was a service member herself! She and her husband were stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona when their lives crossed thanks to mutual friends. Both Jeanell and her husband were attending the Army's Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course.

After the career course they were fortunate enough to both receive orders to Fort Drum where they were married. Jeanell shares about their story saying "we each served as Company Commanders and deployed to Afghanistan (2nd deployment each) when I decided it was time for my military career to end." She served on Active Duty for 8 years followed by 2 more years in the reserves. What is even more impressive is that Jeanell is a veteran, a military spouse, AND a 4th generation Army Brat. Service is in her blood!

Once Jeanell left her active service years, her husband was reassigned to Europe. Since civilian work is a little more difficult to find in Europe, Jeanell decided to volunteer on the board for their installation's spouse's club. Because of this volunteer service, Jeanell discovered she loved everything about crafting, but hadn't actually done any crafting herself.

After their time in Europe, Jeanell and her husband PCSed back to the states and welcomed a sweet baby boy into their family. With a new baby and a new duty station, Jeanell decided to start crafting. She started out with fun vinyl projects on t-shirts and wine glasses and eventually found her way into customized glitter tumblers, and her obsession with glitter crafts began! Her business started from gifting glitter tumblers to friends and selling them as a vendor at spouse club events. Thankfully, with each military move, Hurley Handmade Crafts has been able to move with her.

Over the years, Jeanell's business, Hurley Handmade Crafts, has grown from glitter tumblers and T-shirt’s to include more elaborate signs, jewelry, beautiful tumblers, and elaborate pieces of resin art! Jeanell says "I love having a hobby that I’m good at! I work out of my home and take orders online through social media! It’s wonderful because my friends and customers can easily share my work through their social media network!" Her products have been shipped worldwide, which is an amazing testament to the quality of her work. Currently Jeanell has customers in Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, and Japan, as well as all over the United States!

You can follow and order from Jeanell on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Go check out her fabulous work and support milso owned small businesses!


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