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Milso Owned Small Business: Mother Together.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Hi friends!

I am so excited for this week’s business feature. I literally woke up to my 4YO in bed with me after battling the 2YO to go to sleep. Am I the only one? I genuinely thought that after the newborn/baby phase, that sleep issues would be a part of the past. Boy was I wrong!

Cue: Mary from Mother Together.

Mary is a military spouse by the perseverance of her husband! Mary and her husband met during their college years while he was at West Point and she was in DC. She says she almost immediately knew he was the one, but denied it for THREE YEARS because she didn’t want to marry into the military! Fortunately, her husband never settled with her “no’s,” and kept “calling, texting, visiting, and pestering me until I agreed to marry him!” How cute is that? Mary says that they never really dated, but went from trusted confidants, friends, a maybe a bit more until he proposed. Once she said “yes,” she was ALL IN and moved to El Paso where their adventure began. When asked about her thoughts now that they’ve been in the military life for a while, she says “ I won’t pretend that my 7 or so years of being a military spouse have been all sunshine and roses, but I have grown to love the Army, the beautiful friendships we have built, the homes we have made, and the blessings that have sprung from this world.” I love that! What a great outlook on the life that she once resisted to be part of.

Mary’s business was born out of the throes of motherhood. Being a military spouse is difficult, ripped away from supportive family and friends when you need them most. After a difficult cross country move, a hard pregnancy, and a colicky baby, sleep deprivation, loneliness, postpartum depression, Mary felt like she was in a dark place before she sought out help.

She decided shortly after that that she would work on becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. She worked hard through the 6-month self-paced training. Mary says, “The biggest light to come from that dark was my passion for pediatric sleep and a desire to support other moms in the throes of early motherhood. Any time I can relieve even a small part of the stress of early motherhood, I truly feel that I have done my job.” She did strictly sleep consulting for a while before adding in certifications in potty training and working with children with special needs. In 2019, she rebranded and created her umbrella business, Mother Together.

Mary does everything virtual (how great for COVID times, right?) which allows her to work with families around the world. She works hard to write sleep plans that are fully customizable for each child with whom she works. If you’re thinking, well, maybe she’s the baby whisperer, but what about my 2&4 year old? She works with them too! All of her sleep plans are based on age, temperament, sleep history, parenting style and goal. She never takes a one-size-fits all approach with the kids! Mary says she loves that her business provides such concrete support to other families. She enjoys getting to see happy babies and happier moms every day!

Mary is also a philanthropist – she is currently raising funds to donate sleep sacks for babies! She enjoys finding ways to give back in additional to providing an incredible service. If you’re interesting in adding her fundraising to ways you are giving this winter, you can check it out at

Mary offers military discounts as well as multiple children discounts – learn more today by visiting her website, Facebook Page, or Instagram.

As always, if you’re interested in being featured, let us know! We’d love to chat with you!


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