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Milso Owned Small Business: New Altitudes

Hey friends! We are back with our second milso owned small business feature of the month and this time we are getting to know the beautiful Brittany from New Altitudes, LLC! In a nutshell, and in her own words, Britt says she is "an Air Force Milso, dog mom, Vermonter turned Tucsonan, avid hiker, adventurer, and road tripping queen. Oh, and the CEO of New Altitudes, LLC."

If you are a military spouse and own a small business, we would love to learn about you and your business! We love to encourage, empower, and lift up milso owned businesses. If you would like to be featured on our blog and social pages, click here to find out how!

Britt and her airman, Nick, have such an adorable and sooo relatable digital military love story. In 2018 Nick and Britt met on the Bumble app but it wasn't just a one and done experience. Britt, ever the go-getter, wasn't sure he was even interested in her because they'd been chatting for over a week and he still hadn't asked her out! As it turns out, Nick is a more "get all your ducks in a row and assess the whole situation" kind of person. Not knowing this about him yet, Britt unmatched with him!

Well obviously that isn't the end of their story. A year later they were REMATCHED on the same app and this time Britt was her wonderful strong self and in her words "forced him to take me out to froyo." What should have been a relatively quick date for frozen yogurt turned into a marathon 3.5 hour date where they both scraped at the crumbs as an excuse to keep talking. From that moment on they were inseparable. Two weeks later Nick gave Britt a key to his place and by their first month together, she had moved in. While Nick may have been slow to ask her out, he didn't waste any time asking her to be his wife. He proposed at 5 months and these lovebirds were married by 8 months! What a whirlwind romance! As Britt says "It has always just felt 'right' with Nick."

In true military fashion, a month after they were married, Nick was deployed to Afghanistan for nearly 8 month. Thankfully, he was returned to his bride just before COVID hit the United States. Once the world shut down, Britt was able to work from home as a healthcare professional. While she enjoyed the family time, Britt knew she was called to do more, and that is when she created New Altitudes, LLC.

Her business, New Altitudes, was designed for military significant others to have a community and a resource center to help them achieve the dreams that once seemed too far away. Britt shares that "Covid became the perfect opportunity for me to reach for the BIG dreams I didn't even know I had, and the capabilities I didn't even know I had. Once I created this platform and started putting the puzzle together for myself, I wanted to help other spouses do the same." There is something comforting about having a business that no PCS or deployment can take from you. In this milso life, where careers change with every move and jobs are hard to nail down once you settle in the new location, the freedom of holding onto your dream job is EVERYTHING. Britt hit the nail on the head saying "this was all mine and I had full control over it in every way - something I didn't even know I was missing from my life."

The name New Altitudes was inspired by Britt's love of hiking and her desire to always be ready for the next adventure, or next tallest peak. She says "I wanted to crate an affordable space that was unique and a genuine resource and encouragement platform for a community of milso's looking to take their goals to new levels and keep achieving big dreams." Right now New Altitudes is offering a course covering Instagram to help anyone and everyone grow through social media. She also is launching THIS MONTH a financial mastermind to teach spouses how she paid off $100,000 of student loans in 4 years AND became credit card debt free in just one year! That's impressive, no matter who you are!

At the risk of sounding corny, I'm going to say this: But wait! There's more! Britt also maintains one on one life and/or business coaching sessions for spouses and has since she obtained her certification this past June. And finally, just this past month she launched her amazing podcast "Moments with a Milso" where she encourages and inspires military spouses to dream their biggest dreams and go after them because they are possible. In Britt's words "This is only the beginning, but I intend to keep climbing the peaks myself!"

You can find Britt mostly on Instagram and she welcomes all milso's to shoot her a DM. As someone who has had many instagram messages with Britt, she is always welcoming community and loves to meet new people so head over there and connect with this awesome milso!


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