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Milso Owned Small Business: Overstreet Organizing

Hi friends! We are back this week with another amazing milso owned small business: Overstreet Organizing, LLC. If you missed our post last week, you can read about All the Way Embroidery here. All throughout the month of September we are highlighting some really fantastic military spouse owned small businesses on our blog and social media pages! Check back later in the month to see who else will be on our blog. Also, if you'd like to be featured, email us at so we can chat!

Today's featured small business is Overstreet Organizing, LLC, which is run by one of the classiest women I've ever been in contact with, Caroline. I mean, even her name is elegant! Caroline and her husband celebrated four years of wedded bliss this summer - in addtion to her years as an Army daughter, Army girlfriend, and a military school girlfriend - making her a pro at this lifestyle. Caroline and her husband are currently serving a "hardship tour" (just kidding) at Fort Stewart, Georgia and are living their best, and most organized, life.

Caroline created Overstreet Organizing, LLC in 2018 to use her natural (and parent encouraged) strengths in all things organization. As many military spouses know, when the government gives you orders, spouses have to close up shop and find a new job at the new duty station. Caroline wanted to be able to take her work with her wherever the Army sends them and Overstreet Organizing allows her to do that.

She is so passionate about clean and clutter-free homes that give you a tranquil sanctuary feel for your family to enjoy whether you are living in your home for the next few months, few years, or few decades. You shouldn't have to wait until you move into your forever home to love the space you live in. Overstreet Organizing works on three simple pillars to help you feel more at ease: Sort, Simplify, and Style. Caroline says "my goal is to help make a difference in someone's life through organizing." Caroline continues explaining that "clearing away clutter and stress within one's domain offers a satisfaction like no other!"

Why wait to live your best organized life? Everyone in the greater Savannah area should reach out to Caroline to chat about getting their life "Overstreet Organized!" In addition to in person sessions for those in the Savannah area, Caroline also offers virtual services for clients anywhere in the world!

You can learn more about Caroline and Overstreet Organizing, LLC by visiting her website, Facebook Page, or Instagram Page. She was also featured on PCS Grades last month where she chatted about all things organizing. Watch the video here.


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