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Milso Owned Small Business: Sea to Sea with Love

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Happy February, friends! With Valentine's Day around the corner, I can just feel the love in the air! Speaking of love though, have you heard of Sea to Sea with Love? Because if not, you're in for a treat today!

Today we are showcasing Rachelle from Sea to Sea with Love. I'm so excited to show everyone her awesome sticker kits, in fact, I just bought a set of Galentine's Day stickers to send a package to Julia (she doesn't know ... yet! We will see if she reads this draft before the package arrives!)

First things first, lets start with our favorite part - the Love Story! Rachelle and her husband had kind of a "whirlwind romance." (Her words! Not mine!) She met her husband while country line dancing with some friends. At first, they started out as friends and would meet up weekly and go dancing with a group of friends. About six months later, they started dating things moved quickly. They dated for about 2 months, got engaged, had a 4 month engagement and were finally married. From meeting to marriage was almost exactly a year! What a beautiful story. It just goes to show that 'when you know, you know!'

Rachelle and her husband (who is Active Duty Navy) are currently stationed in San Diego, California which is also Rachelle's hometown. They have three children, and luckily (since she's from San Diego), help is around the corner - her parents actually live down the street from them.

After being a Navy Wife for 8 years, Rachelle was finally faced with her first deployment. She says she spent months learning everything she could about deployment life and prepared herself, her family, and her home the best she could before her husband left. However, she wasn't prepared for one part of deployment. Rachelle recalls,

"One thing I didn't prepare was my care packages! I knew going into the deployment I would need to send the first care package out pretty quickly since mail can take a long time to get our service members but a week after my hubby left, I was scrambling to come up with a theme for the box and to fill it up with goodies. "

Although she felt that the first care package was super rushed, she discovered her love for creating cute and fun boxes for her husband to open. She knew they would brighten his day and he would get a kick out of the silly sayings.

After hearing from so many other military wives that they wished they were creative enough to make a decorated care package, Rachelle knew she wanted to step in and help them out. Whether it by taking the guess work out of creating a theme or saving them time in the assembling process, Rachelle knew by creating pre-made care package flaps she'd be helping military wives out in an already stressful time.

Something I didn't even think of originally when I saw Rachelle's business was that her stickers don't have to be for just deployments! She has so many options to choose from that are not deployment-specific. For example, I bought two kits recently: The Galentine's Day Kit to send Julia a fun surprise and St. Patrick's Day kit for my Sister-In-Law's birthday (her birthday is 3/17!) as a fun way to dress up the box I'm sending gifts in. Also, she has digital download options in case you need them right now - you can print them from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to buy a kit? Head over to her website! Alternatively, you can start following her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or her Tik Tok @seatoseawithlove. If you have any questions, you can contact her by emailing

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