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Milso Owned Small Business: The Green Girl Design Co.

It is NOVEMBER!!! Can y'all believe it? That means that the holiday season is just around the corner - and for military families (specifically Army and Navy families) it also means the Army/Navy game is only a few weeks away. In case you aren't tracking, the 2020 Army/Navy game is on December 12th. Mark your calendars!

Milso Owned Small Business The Green Girl Design Co

But what does a football game have to do with our Milso Owned Small Business? I'm so glad you asked! We are starting off this month with Aubrey from The Green Girl Design Co. and she has THE BEST West Point themed items I have ever seen and even is debuting some specific Army/Navy game designs this month, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Aubrey is an Army spouse and a military child who grew up at West Point for a good portion of her first 23 years! What a special childhood to learn to walk and drive in the gorgeous backdrop of upstate New York in the hills of West Point.

Aubrey says "Growing up at West Point was such a unique experience unlike anything else and I’m forever grateful for the people I met, the spouses that mentored me and the home the Army has given me. I learned invaluable lessons watching my mom and neighbors navigate military life, marriage and motherhood and I attribute much of my resiliency as a spouse to that upbringing."

In one of the sweetest West Point love stories I've ever heard (and over the years, I've heard a bunch), because not only are Aubrey and her husband West Point sweethearts, but high school sweethearts! They met in high school while their families were stationed at USMA and then her husband went on to be a cadet, a class of 2015 USMA graduate, and now he serves as an active duty Infantry Captain.

military spouse owned small business

In true milso fashion, Aubrey and her family have had 4 homes in the last 5 years from Georgia to their current home in Colorado. Actually, fun fact: our families were at Fort Benning at the same time, knew some of the same families, and didn't know it! They've also welcomed two precious babes to their family - their nearly 3 year old daughter and their 14 month old son. Aubrey says her kiddos teach her daily how to be strong and resilient, adapting to new places, making new friends, and never skipping a beat when their dad comes home after an extended Army "business trip".

As a military "brat" turned spouse, one of Aubrey's favorite things is reconnecting with families she knew as a military child, cadets her family sponsored at USMA - who are now officers with families of their own, and knowing that with each PCS they are destined to reconnect with old friends or classmates. As any Army family knows, it is a small Army and its only a matter of time before you run into an old friend at a new duty station.

Support military spouse owned small business west point themed gifts

Since leaving West Point - and her home for a majority of her life - Aubrey started The Green Girl Design Co. Her shop is inspired by and crafted from authentic USMA materials including cadet uniforms and blankets. What started as a way to stay connected to West Point and share her love for USMA with others, it has blossomed!

Aubrey says "You never really leave West Point and the camaraderie shared by old grads and families alike is something I truly cherish. It’s a touchpoint that instantly connects us and helps us feel welcomed when we start a new chapter…and another…and another."

As many milso's can relate (including myself), being a military spouse and having babies is a blessing but can also lend itself to losing who you are in the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Not for Aubrey! The Green Girl Design Co gives her something of her own, a purpose outside of "mom" or "wife", and allows her to express her creativity while creating meaningful products for military families to cherish for a lifetime.

At The Green Girl Design Co, connecting people and sharing stories through beautiful designs is a significant part of their mission. Aubrey has already seen firsthand how her small business can bring generations and worlds together. How special is that?!?!?

"One of my most cherished projects so far has been getting to work with a class of 1945 cadet blanket and honoring that old grad’s life and sharing a small chapter of his story with the greater West Point community. The support and reverence for preserving both his blanket and name were overwhelming and reaffirmed why I started this shop."

In addition to the items currently available in her Etsy shop, Aubrey loves to work on custom projects with customers. She takes your own personal uniforms and items and creates unique and timeless designs for you to display in your home and to spark magical memories in your mind for years to come. In 2020, this has become even more important, as extended families have been limited with their ability to travel and be together, it is extra special to be able to physically hold a piece of each other and feel more connected.

All of her designs can be found on her Etsy shop, but if you are stationed at West Point, Aubrey is also a vendor at the West Point Spouse's Club Gift Shoppe and she contributes a portion of her profits back to the West Point community in the form of spouse and student scholarships! That is so incredible! And stay tuned to her pages to see what she has cooked up for the Army/Navy game this year. Her turn around time for items in her Etsy shop is 3-5 business days to get items shipped, with an exception for custom orders. That means you still have plenty of time to shop for both the game and the holiday season!

Support military spouse owned small business west point themed gifts

You can find The Green Girl Design Co on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. You can also reach Aubrey by email or direct message on FB and Instagram! She loves to chat and connect with other spouses, grads, and families!


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