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Milso Owned Small Business: The Pilot's Wife Boutique

Hi friends! We are back with another fantastic Milso Owned Small Business feature. Today we are showcasing Felica over at The Pilot's Wife Boutique. We love seeing people follow their dreams and start businesses they are passionate about and see them flourish! And Felica is no different!

Felica and her airman husband, Christian, were set up by mutual friends - he was meeting up for a business meeting regarding investing, while she was arriving for drinks with her friend and her boyfriend. When she arrived, Felica was surprised to see another man sitting there too, and in uniform! Christian had come straight from work giving away his profession as a military member. As the evening went on, Christian and Felica talked endlessly and it felt so smooth that by the end of the night their friends had left them alone at the table! They swapped numbers, he walked her to her car, and the rest is history! How cute is that?!?!? A year later they were engaged and a few months after that tied the knot as husband and wife.

When they met, Christian was a member of the Air National Guard working on fuel tanks, but he had a dream of becoming a pilot of the US Air Force. They are now living that dream, living in Oklahoma while he is in pilot training!

Christian's deployment schedule (just having returned home when they met, and deploying again once they were engaged), made for a tough transition to the military life for Felica - and who wouldn't be stressed out if that was how your military life started? Felica had never had to deal with deployments before, but they made it through and thankfully, Christian has been home ever since.

During COVID shut downs, Felica was one of the many people who unfortunately lost their job, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! She had always dreamed of owning a clothing store and after a bit of encouragement from her husband, Felica took the leap and started The Pilot's Wife Boutique this past fall! During the shut down she used the time off her job productively by researching and doing all the prep work to get her business off the ground for a successful fall 2020 launch. The boutique runs through facebook at the moment but as the shop grows, Felica plans to expand to her own website. Currently she ships across the United States, allowing military spouses all across the country to enjoy these fantastic styles!

If you would like to follow Felica or place your order, you can contact her through facebook. She also can be found on Instagram or you can contact her directly via email!

As always, if you have a military spouse owned business, and would like to be featured, please fill out our contact form. We would love to chat about how we can showcase your business!


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