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Guest Blogger: Organization Tips with Caroline from Overstreet Organization

Here at Spouse SERVE we are so excited to introduce a good friend of ours, Caroline, as a guest blogger! While Julia and I are busy school-ing/mom-ing and finishing the final touches to the planner, a few amazing MILSOs stepped up and have written blog posts on topics that Julia and I aren't as versed on. Today is one of my absolute favorite MILSOs - Caroline Overstreet. She runs her company, Overstreet Organizing (we featured her in a blog post here) and is sharing some of her amazing organization tips with you guys today!

Quick Tips for Maximizing the Minimal Space in Post Housing

We all know the famous saying 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get' and probably have applied it to our lives in some way. However, as military families we know this saying can ring true when it comes to post housing. Sadly, we do not always get first say in selecting our home. At times we are handed the keys and a “this is what's available, enjoy your stay”. Lucky us!

Thankfully there is a silver lining behind every cloud and we know that this is NOT our forever home and when life 'gives you lemons', you make lemonade. So I am sharing with you my 'lemons' in this situation. These simple steps are to help maximize your space and bring you closer to a life at ease!

Keep Only What You Need/Use

I feel this will always be the common denominator for maintaining a “clutter free” home! Housing belongings that you haven't used in 5+ years is a waste of space. Let it go! Reduce the amount you have by simplifying what you own. If you have clothes that do not fit/you haven't worn, why keep them? Have your kids outgrown toys/baby gear? Why keep it?We do not need as much as we think we do!

Vertical Space

Wall space will help to eliminate the clutter left on the floor/counters and expand your storage options.

  • over the door racks/baskets

  • hooks/hangers

  • wall shelves

Multipurpose Storage

If you need additional storage, find pieces/furniture, such as an ottoman or a coffee table, that conceals a hidden storage space for blankets, books and toys. Instead of using a traditional TV console, repurpose a dresser and use the drawers to house movies, games, books etc!

Kitchen Management

Kitchens are typically the grand central station for our homes! We tend to gather here the most, but so does our kids homework, paper/bills, kitchen tools, etc. A great and quick way to free up your counter tops is by using a Lazy Susan/turntable in the corner of the counter. Place items such as your knife block, paper towel holder, napkin holder here! Instant counter clutter clear up! Use the over the door baskets on the inside of your lower cabinets for storage for under the sink cleaning supplies or aluminum foil/wax paper boxes!

We hope you enjoyed this blog as much as we did! If you're interested in being a guest blogger, feel free to contact us at!


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